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Books by Instructors

Lessons from the Cage: Life Lessons from MMA

by Roger Grimes

Over the past thirty years, Roger Grimes has been studying Kenpo Karate, achieving the rank of seventh-degree black belt as he also dabbled in several martial arts disciplines. Roger Grimes has also been seeking leadership skills and life lessons to improve his life and character. In cage fighting, he was also seeking learning for improvement, resulting in Lessons from the Cage.

Lessons from the Cage is an inspirational book where Roger Grimes shares twelve life lessons he learned from his three mixed martial arts full-contact cage fights, lessons such as "You Are Not Alone" and "Don't Rush the Process." These life principles can be life-changing if sincerely received and put into practice. In this book, Roger Grimes also shares his experience from the beginning, from behind the scenes, and a detailed story through each cage fight.

Aware and Prepared: A Guide to Personal Safety and Security for Everyone

by Ronald K. Hanzel

This self-help guide provides advice and tips for staying safe and protecting your valuables in your home, in your car, and while traveling.

Crime can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. But there are ways to thwart the possibility of crime. In Aware and Prepared, author Ronald Hanzel provides advice and tips for staying safe and protecting the items you value the most.

Hanzel covers an array of safety issues and demonstrates the key concepts of being aware of your surroundings and stopping a problem before it starts. Communicating practical and easy-to-follow recommendations, Aware and Prepared discusses:

maintaining safety on the home front;
protecting valuables and other items in your home;
preventing home scams and other cons;
being safe while out and about and on vacation;
staying secure while using public transportation and participating in outdoor activities;
learning self-defense to protect yourself from possible crime.

Keeping yourself, your home, and your possessions safe is not being paranoid. In todays world, its an essential practice to prevent becoming a crime statistic.